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Each couple is as unique in its experiences as the individuals that create them. Because of this, I conduct an evaluation and introduction phase at the beginning of our work together. This traditionally lasts 2-4 sessions and allows any questions you may have to be answered. This also allows you and I to decide if I am the best person to provide the services you need in order to meet your treatment goals.

Couples Therapy Plan

Couples Counseling

Finding Hope. Finding Growth. Finding You.

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All relationships have "ups and downs." Relationships can be strained by personal concerns, work stress, life circumstances, transitions and changes,  or many other factors. If you and your partner(s) are currently experiencing troubled waters, this does not mean it is unsalvageable! Learn how to reconnect with your partner(s), how to strengthen your communication, enhance your intimacy, navigate difficult times, and preserve your relationship from the daily stressors you experience.


My approach in counseling is to treat the partners as a combined unit- made up of distinct individuals. Each individual brings unique contributions to their relationships. Sometimes these contributions thrive together, and sometimes these contributions clash. Enhancing understanding, opening communication, encouraging emotional expressiveness, and learning to rekindle initial attractions are ways in which couples learn to resolve concerns and grow together. I am here as a guide to help you and your partner(s) continue your journey together, which will also lead to enhancing your own individual growth.